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Why should I consider Direct Primary Care?

Imagine this, it recently happened to me.

You feel sick and you call your provider’s office to be seen that day. You find out that they are booked and can get you an appointment in a few days. So, you wait a few more days and your symptoms get worse. You get inside the clinic, spend time in the waiting area and finally see your provider and get diagnosed with sinus infection and get antibiotics (talking with him is less than 7 minutes). Fast forward 2 weeks. You still don’t feel better and call your provider’s office. They cannot get you today but you can see another provider. You agree to see the other provider and repeat your entire story to them. They give you another set of antibiotics to clear the infection. You leave their office not really satisfied. A couple of weeks later, you get the bill and see the extra and unknown charges, and the items that insurance did not cover.

So, the answer to your question is … Simple. It saves money. Direct Primary care is a new and innovative medical model that focuses on affordable and dedicated care for the patient without having to worry about insurance claims or administrative paperwork. The emphasis is on transparent care with transparent pricing.

There is a difference in how Direct Primary Care and larger healthcare organizations work. Healthcare organizations have more of a multi-person approach. Their goal is to get more people through the door, more like a drive thru for healthcare. The problem with this approach is the focus gets on # of people through instead the quality of care and sometimes the personal touch gets the short end of the stick.

If you don’t want to be another number, you should consider Direct Primary Care. It will be more personalized care with the same provider every time. There will be minimal wait times and you will be seen same day or next day for your concerns. You will have one bill (monthly membership) and there will be no hidden surprises.

Consider working with Kajal Malkan MPAS PAC and Care4Me Clinics to see how we reinvent healthcare.

Visit our website at or call us at 516-619-6313 for more information.

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