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Learn how Care4Me Clinics can help keep you and your employees healthy and happy!

Interested in offering your employees medical benefits without breaking the bank?

We offer an excellent solution to meet your employees' healthcare needs.

Direct Primary Care works well for businesses to reduce unnecessary insurance claims.

It is also an affordable alternative to employers who cannot afford healthcare insurance but want to offer benefits.

By providing your employees with affordable healthcare benefits, you can show them how much you value them.

Care4Me Clinics (primary care) can take care of 80-90% of your employees’ primary care needs.

This means less claims for urgent care, ER visits and even specialists!


Employer recruitments can cost you a lot of money, time, and energy that you could be spending elsewhere.

Your employees will know you care about them when you offer Care4Me Clinics membership to meet primary and minor urgent care needs.


Give your employees easy access to a provider that cares about them. The care they deserve at the time they need it.

By providing a direct primary care membership through Care4Me Clinics, you are giving your employees the benefit of excellent health care along with a personal relationship with a primary care provider, at no additional cost to your employee!


We provide employees after hours access to their provider. Telehealth and direct access means less time away from work for appointments.

We also offer wellness checks to save you time and money!

More Information on Small Business Memberships

✔ Minimum of 2 employees signed up to qualify for discounted pricing​

✔ Meet and Greet appointments onsite to ensure employees understand benefits

✔ Wellness clinics and flu shot clinics can be scheduled onsite for your convenience

✔ Give your employees access to healthcare when they need it

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