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Care4Me Clinics is focused on delivering the best service for our patients. We want to emphasize on preventative/wellness care as well as manage any acute illnesses or chronic conditions.

To ensure this service, your membership will include:

Unlimited acute care visits

  • Minor illnesses

  • Minor injuries

  • Skin conditions

Wellness screenings

Chronic condition management

Guaranteed same day or next day appointments

Access to deeply discounted laboratory testing and imaging

Minor procedures including

  • Ear wax removal

  • Wart removal

  • Laceration repair

  • Skin tag removal

  • Pap smear (excluding lab fees)

Direct access to provider any time 

  • By Phone

  • By Text

  • By Email

In-office point of care testing

  • Rapid strep

  • Rapid Flu

  • Urinalysis 

While we offer many services under your membership, here are a few services we do not provide:

Pain management

We do not prescribe controlled substances for long term treatment but can provide you with a referral to a specialist you can help you with those needs

Fracture care

We can order x-rays and diagnostics and can refer you to orthopedics for your care

Services & Pricing: Insurance

A La Carte Services

Care4Me Clinics offers additional services for our members at a greatly discounted rate. 

Not a member? No worries. We offer this for our non-members as well.

Lab Testing

Onsite blood draw including Cholesterol, Thyroid, Glucose, Kidney/Liver function, and more

Wellness Coaching

Set goals, create plans, and execute action for overall health & wellness.

CPR Training

Quality Training. CPR classes provide the skills to save lives when the situation arises.

DOT Physicals

Working with those individuals or businesses that need DOT certification

Services & Pricing: Insurance


No enrollment fees.

If you decide to cancel, it is simple, just let us know. We do ask for 30 days notice. If you cancel and decide to rejoin, there will be a $125 rejoining fee. 

We also understand that a membership may not be an option right now, so we also included non-membership pricing as well

Adult CARE Membership

$90 per month

Ages 19+

Child CARE Membership

$45 per month

Ages 2-18

One-Time Visits


Per Visit Charge
Includes Minor illnesses, minor injuries, skin conditions ONLY

Services & Pricing: Insurance

Small Businesses

Learn how Care4Me Clinics can help keep you and your employees healthy and happy!

Interested in offering your employees medical benefits without breaking the bank?

We offer an excellent solution to meet your employees' healthcare needs.

Direct Primary Care works well for businesses to reduce unnecessary insurance claims.

It is also an affordable alternative to employers who cannot afford healthcare insurance but want to offer benefits.

By providing your employees with affordable healthcare benefits, you can show them how much you value them.

Care4Me Clinics (primary care) can take care of 80-90% of your employees’ primary care needs.

This means less claims for urgent care, ER visits and even specialists!

Decrease Employee Turnover

Employer recruitments can cost you a lot of money, time, and energy that you could be spending elsewhere.

Your employees will know you care about them when you offer Care4Me Clinics membership to meet primary and minor urgent care needs.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Give your employees easy access to a provider that cares about them. The care they deserve at the time they need it.

By providing a direct primary care membership through Care4Me Clinics, you are giving your employees the benefit of excellent health care along with a personal relationship with a primary care provider, at no additional cost to your employee!

Decrease sick days

We provide employees after hours access to their provider. Telehealth and direct access means less time away from work for appointments.

We also offer wellness checks to save you time and money!

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