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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC is a model of healthcare in which patients pay their provider directly for primary care services. It takes the insurance companies and healthcare administrators out of the exam room.

By the provider not billing the insurance company, there are no additional mark-ups and patients save money (while experiencing more personalized care). 

Do you accept my insurance?

We removed health insurance from exam room so your healthcare relationship is strictly between you and your provider. We provide such high quality services because we are not hassled by insurance for our services.

Every person is welcome to become a DPC patient.  We accept all patients regardless of whether or not they are insured or what type of insurance they have.  We simply do not bill the insurance companies.

To access our practice’s care model, you will simply pay a monthly fee, similar to a gym membership. All of the typical outpatient primary care services are included in this membership. No bills will be submitted to an insurance company, and any and all pricing for additional services will be made clear and discussed with you during your visit.

However, your insurance can be billed for larger costs such as specialty labs, imaging, specialist visits, vaccines, and other outside services.

Is DPC a form of insurance?

No.  We encourage our patients to obtain at least catastrophic insurance plans.  DPC also pairs well with high-deductible plans or health sharing ministries.

Can I use my HSA or FSA to pay for my monthly subscription fee?

Pending your HSA/FSA company, our fees can be compliant with HSA/FSA accounts as memberships and can be a qualified medical expense. You should double check with your benefits company. However, we do recommend paying annually or semi-annually as the best practice in order to use these accounts.

HSA/FSA funds can be used to purchase medications or pay for diagnostic testing.

What about Medicare?

We welcome Medicare patients at Care4Me Clinics. We only contract directly with the patient and do not bill Medicare for any of our services.  You will be asked to sign a waiver to this effect.  You may still use your Medicare coverage for specialty care, diagnostic testing, and, of course, hospitalization. Our Medicare patients often find that they save a great deal of money when they purchase medications through our practice rather than retail or mail order pharmacies.

Why pay for insurance and a membership fee? Why pay twice?

You pay a copay for every office visit after which you may then get a separate office visit charge. If you have labs, imaging or procedural needs, you will be charged an inflated lab/radiology/procedure bill as well as prescription costs in order to meet your deductible. All this while paying a premium every month which may thousands of dollars for your family. Your deductible (~$1000-$5000+) isn't where the cost ends. On top of that you also have to pay coinsurance meaning even if you meet your deductible, you are still responsible for a percentage of medical care costs.

As a DPC member, rather than pay higher insurance based rates towards a deductible you may never meet, you pay a flat rate for all your primary care services.  There are no copays, surprise bills, hidden fees, or unknown extra charges.  Your membership covers annual labs, in-house testing and procedures as well as comprehensive consultation and follow-up care.  

Whether it is cost, inconvenience, or unmet expectations, DPC can help where traditional care has failed.

Other questions?
Feel free to call our office at 262-264-8945 or schedule a a FREE consultation appointment.

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