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Care4Me Clinics is a Direct Primary Care clinic chartered to support Brookfield and surrounding areas.

We are here to provide an innovative new style of medical care focused on eliminating wait times for primary care along with offering affordable healthcare to families and small to medium sized businesses. 

Care4Me Clinics wants to bring healthcare to what it once was- a service dedicated to patient care.

Here at Care4Me Clinics, we are different in our approach. We improve healthcare access by offering low monthly membership fees. No third party or hidden costs. No insurance involvement. Just a personal relationship between the patient and their provider with complete cost transparency.

Safe & Secure CARE.

Quality CARE. 

Transparent CARE.

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Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a value based primary care that puts you, the patient, first. This means you get better access to primary care and a more personal relationship with your primary care provider. It brings back medicine back to the way it used to be, focused on you and your healthcare needs.

There is no catch!

DPC takes insurance companies and 3rd party administrators out of the equation. This means no more insurance dictating how the visit should be. Our goal is to give you the most personalized, comprehensive and reliable care while saving money.

We are not an insurance company nor do we provide insurance coverage. Care4Me Clinics is your primary care. We recommend that you have insurance coverage for major events, such as surgeries, hospitalizations, and specialist visits. Leave your routine healthcare and minor urgent care needs to us.

At Care4Me Clinics, you will have access to your provider via unlimited office visits, text messages, emails, and video chats to ensure you receive excellent care whenever you need it.

Contact us to schedule a free meet-n-greet.

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✔️Limited Practice

Our membership program limits the number of patients we see to devote the time to meet you and your family's needs

✔️Unlimited Access

You have anytime access to your provider via phone, text, email, or video

✔️Transparent Pricing

Up-front and transparent pricing means you will have clarity on your healthcare costs

✔️Personalized appointments

Longer, relaxed appointments to take care of the concerns that are important to them, allowing us to be proactive

✔️Competitive Costs

Best pricing available for labs, imaging, and medication


❌Busy Practices

Typical panel of ~2500 patients a year which means more wait time to get in to see provider

❌Limited Access

Only have provider access during normal business hours and have to go through triage service after hours

❌Hidden costs

Limited clarity on pricing as well as billing/coding errors

❌Generic appointments

Shorter appointments with provider lead to care gaps

❌Mark-up Costs

Labs, imaging, medications have heavy mark-ups

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Several years ago, I had a stroke. Contributing to the stroke was my fear of doctors and hospitals. If Care4Me Clinics were around then, I probably would not have had the stroke. All the things I was afraid of are not at C4M. It is a relaxed atmosphere and a comfortable place to be treated. It is so different from the usual doctor's office or hospital. The rates are fair and the concern is genuine. I would recommend it to anyone.

Mike -- Brookfield, WI

Very easy process for scheduling appointments. The provider is knowledgeable ,responsive to your needs and gets back to you right away. Overall great experience!!

Aaliyah -- Milwaukee, WI

She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, caring and everything you need from doctor visit. She listened to us, educated us and was exactly right for the rash my daughter had.  No wait whatsoever, easy in and out appointment and I was feeling better in no time. Kajal always makes my children feel so comfortable, you couldn't ask for a more well-rounded or excellent provider. Don't waste your health, time or money looking around. Care4Me Clinics is exactly where you will want your family to be.

Bridget -- South Milwaukee, WI

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